Ghosts of Rockbridge Podcast – Interview with Prof. Donald Gaylord

This podcast was created by Hannah Austin and Lily MacDonald for the History of Ghosts Spring Term class, 2016. Featured in this podcast is an interview with Professor Donald Gaylord, an archaeologist with 20 years of experience. A graduate from the University of Virginia, Professor Gaylord spent 12 years working at Monticello before accepting a position at W&L in 2012. In the interview, he tells us about a personal experience concerning the haunted archaeology building on campus, an experience that he shared with Archaeology Dog Murphy (the Jack Russell Terrier pictured below).


Murphy was Professor Gaylord’s assistant at Monticello and here at W&L, until he unfortunately passed away this March. The story told in the podcast features Murphy as a main character, as it was either his mischievous antics or a ghostly encounter, or perhaps a combination of both, that brought about this story.

Also in the podcast, Professor Gaylord answers a few of the following questions: Do you believe in ghosts? Would you enjoy meeting a ghost? And, what other strange experiences have you had that could be attributed to the supernatural? All these questions and more are addressed in the podcast, so please, take a listen!